'The 5 Secrets my Clients are Using to Finally Beat Overwhelm & Burnout'...

(without sacrificing their high level and fulfilling careers)

On this presentation you will discover...


  • A step by step game plan execs and entrepreneurs use to overcome overwhelm & burnout so they can create the life they love… even if they’ve tried every strategy under the sun 

  • The common mistakes high achievers make that lead to overwhelm, emotional fatigue and burnout, and what my clients do instead that  gives them more time, freedom and fulfillment, without sacrificing the things in life that brings them joy 

  • The secret to feeling more joy, being present and having the confidence that you will figure things out, even if your current reality is one of overwhelm and burnout 

  • How my clients reignite their passion in their career and enjoy even more success while saying goodbye to overwhelm once and for all

  • How my clients activate more courage so that they can focus more on what they love and brings them greater success and happiness, even if they find it hard to say NO

  • How my clients are 3x their energy levels so that they can do more, be more and have more…. without slogging their guts out 

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Jason Pooley

Jason Pooley is the founder and CEO of Jason Pooley Coaching and The House of Yoga London. He helps clients worldwide to uncover their inner potential and completely transform their lives.  

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