Learn to disconnect

Take Time to Disconnect and Reset

My wife, kids and I feel great after choosing to disconnect and enjoy a 5 day reset, glamping at the beautiful Heydon Grove farm close to the Norfolk Coast. Arriving, we knew we wouldn’t have electricity, very little 4G, laptops would go away and we’d need to rely on a log burner to heat our safari tent and water. And we were very much ok with going back to basics. We have busy lives as do most people, so the transition took a day or so, but when we settled it was bliss, in so many ways. 

I know I am better at my life when I get 7-9 hours sleep a night, and I consciously choose to slow down at times, but If I’m honest it’s more like 7 hours most nights. Well, it was no surprise that we’ve had our best sleep in months, 9-10 hours of deep rest without the need for the alarm. Admittedly, we had no school runs or scheduled meetings on the agenda, but giving ourselves the permission to take things easy, read, be by the ocean, stargaze at night with a cheeky marshmallow by the log burner was magical. 

As a family we certainly feel most relaxed and happy when outdoors in nature and we know how critical this time is for us, to slow things down, breathe and be present with each other. It’s food for the soul, and we allowed ourselves to enjoy every moment. 

It’s no secret that removing technology, not living through other people’s agendas and taking time out to enjoy your own unique experiences for just a few days, or even a day, can have a BIG impact on your wellbeing and is essential for maintaining a balanced lifestyle, but are you doing this? We hear these words so often ‘make the most of every moment you have, take the time to be present and slow down’; yet being busy, and experiencing overwhelm, stress and burnout is becoming more of a reality for so many people. 

As a High Performance and Lifestyle coach I spend a lot of my time helping clients who are very ambitious and high achieving improve their energy management. For many that is simply creating the space and time in their busy lives to stop, recharge and reset. Without doubt energy is one of the most important topics in High Performance and when you start winning here, it’s a win everywhere. 

Two questions I always ask my clients when working on their energy is; what routines do you have for recharging daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly? And what would make you feel more vibrant in your life? You wouldn’t believe what most initially come back with… ‘I don’t really have anything scheduled in if I’m being honest when it comes to recharging, but I do workout most days and try to get a good night’s sleep’; my response is, this is good but to really get great agency with your energy, you have to start building in ‘recharge & reset’ moments in your life, you really do. 

Many high performers don’t have ‘recharge & reset’ time scheduled in their calendars in advance, but through coaching this soon changes, and they quickly start to see how important it really is, not just for their careers but for every area of their life. 

So when it comes to your energy management, are you scheduling in time to slow down and recharge your batteries by disconnecting and resetting? What can you do daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly? 

Below are some examples that can help you WIN in this area of your life: please share what you do as we can all learn from each other!


  • Start the first 20/30 mins of your day without your phone or laptop, No emails before breakfast 
  • Meditation 
  • Putting your phone away for those times when you need to do your deep work 
  • 10-30 min walks and get out in nature 
  • No technology after 7pm 
  • Reading 
  • Journaling 


  • Massage or any treatment where you can wind down 
  • Half a day without phone or laptop 
  • An hour to walk or run
  • Quality time with family & friends 
  • Meaningful conversations with those closest to you (or anyone in fact) 


  • A whole day without phone or laptop 
  • Time away from crowds in nature 
  • Committing and immersing yourself to 2+ hours in something you love that connects you to the moment (slows you down)
  • Get out for a day activity with friends or family 
  • Fun activity that helps you to be present and engaged in the moment 


  • Weekend away without your laptop and limited access to your phone
  • By the sea or deep in the countryside!
  • Fun activity that helps you to be present and engaged in the moment 
  • Day or weekend (health, yoga, meditation) retreat 


  • A week retreat or even better a silent retreat. How refreshed would you feel, if you really switched off?
  • A walking holiday 
  • 7-21 day Immersive experience doing what you love to do in life 

When you study High Performers and their success over the long term, they work hard but they also work smart and that means that they commit to slowing down at times, they schedule in down time where they can recharge and reset. It’s crucial to their longevity, mental health, life balance and inner fulfilment. 

That’s it for now… I hope this resonated and you stay committed to the Yin and Yang of life, and honour the reset that we all need at times. 

Live with joy.