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I am here to support you to the next level in your life, whether that’s your health & fitness, life vision, career, starting or scaling a business, relationships, leadership, finances, you name it, I can help you go to that next level of excellence in any area of your life.

My name is Jason Pooley and I am one of a handful of (CHPC’s) Certified High Performance Coaches in the UK, certified by Brendon Burchard, the world’s leading High Performance Coach.

Just being here tells me that you are curious and ready to elevate your life. Over the past 15 years I have been on my own journey of personal development, learning and immersing myself with the very best in the world. I have been fortunate to train with Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Dean Graziosi and many others who lead the way in the work of life mastery and personal growth. 

Jason Pooley

My Background

My background was in Tennis, playing at a high level and then coaching around the globe, which was an amazing period of my life.

Playing sport at this level gave me access to what it takes to be a high performer, and I loved having my own coaches to help me reach my goals. They inspired me to explore my full potential, and supported me on the journey of becoming the best I could be, even when I doubted myself. I was able to share the difficult moments, and successes along the way and they always challenged me, which ultimately made the difference in me achieving my goals, this is what a great coach does.

Whilst living and teaching tennis in Hong Kong, I decided to try yoga to help heal a back and shoulder injury. What I didn’t realise was I was also stepping into a beautiful journey of self-discovery and holistic improvement in so many areas of my life.

In 2012 I founded The House of Yoga, my vision was to share the incredible benefits I had experienced through the practice of yoga, build a community and impact as many lives as possible. This vision was achieved, thousands of lives have been positively impacted, and 900 + yoga teachers have been trained and graduated over this period of time. 

I am proud to be a Certified High Performance and Lifestyle Coach. I love to recreate myself and have always focused on furthering my knowledge, improving my skill set and growing as a person. Why? Because I am a big believer that the more we can grow and improve ourselves, the more we can give back in the world.  Growth and contribution are where we feel most alive, and fulfilled in life, and it is my passion to coach others to achieve their greatness.

I am super excited to support and guide you along your own journey of growth and impact. 

Founder and owner of The House of Yoga London since 2012, one of London’s top yoga studios and UK’s teacher training schools. As a seasoned business owner, I’ve spent over a decade helping individuals recalibrate their mindset and cultivate positive habits, resulting in increased energy, balance, and vibrant living.

Many of my clients turn to me when they’re on the brink of burnout, affecting not only their work but also their health and relationships. Through my coaching program, we break free from stress and fatigue, unveiling a life filled with vibrancy and balance.

I have been a coach and facilitator on many global trainings which encompass personal growth, yoga and meditation. I’ve been fortunate to train with world-renowned and leading personal development teachers Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Dean Graziosi and Eben Pagen, I am also super excited and grateful to be part of an elite group of high performance coaches with the High Performance Institute, and Brendon Burchard, the worlds No.1 High Performance Coach. 

To help more people realise their greatest potential so that they can create a life they truly love.


The best investment I have ever made has always been working with a coach to help support and guide me to the next phase of my life. Coaching is about getting results and holding a bigger vision for your life; seeing what’s possible and stepping right into that possibility.

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